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Although the League of the Islanders does not appear until BC, modern scholarship is unanimous in placing its establishment in the immediate aftermath of that campaign. The islands remained under Ptolemaic control until sometime in the middle of the 3rd century BC. As the historian Gary Reger writes, the celebration of the festival "can be attributed as much to piety and tradition as to advertisement of political hegemony". At any rate, the Ptolemaic position collapsed completely after Andros, both as a result of the military losses as due to the lack of strategic interest: Consequently, except for Thera , where they maintained a garrison, the Ptolemies abandoned the central Aegean.

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Reger, however, considers that the available epigraphic and other evidence shows few indications of a Rhodian predominance, while the Macedonian kings seem to have limited their interest to the islands closest to the Greek mainland—Macedonian control is attested for Andros and possibly Keos and Kythnos , with some influence, probably temporary, in Amorgos and Paros in the direct aftermath of the Battle of Andros—and the panhellenic sanctuary at Delos.

According to Reger, by and large the individual Cycladic islands appear to have remained free and autonomous for the rest of the century. In the meantime, Rhodes rose to become the chief naval power in the Aegean and even beyond. In order to protect their political and commercial interests, such as the grain trade, where Rhodes held a dominant position, the Rhodians were active against pirates such as Demetrius of Pharos or the Cretan cities and the Aetolian League ; both of the latter secretly sponsored by King Philip V of Macedon.

The League's institutions are well attested through a series of inscriptions for its Ptolemaic period, but it appears that the main characteristics were present already under Antigonus, and according to Richard Billows "the evidence for the Ptolemaic period can be used with due caution for the Antigonid period" as well. It is possible, but unlikely, that Samos and others of the Southern Sporades were also members during the Ptolemaic period.

Unlike similar leagues, there is no evidence for an assembly of the citizens , probably since the distances made this impractical.


There was no distinct League citizenship, but the League could grant foreign benefactors the citizenship for each of its members, as well as the rights of proxenia , prosodos , and asylia. In effect, this arrangement meant that "citizens of the member states enjoyed isopolity in each other's communities" Billows. The League's centre in Antigonid and Ptolemaic times was the sacred island of Delos, where the annual festivals were held, and where the synedrion assembled—a single, and probably exceptional, convocation by the Ptolemaic commander Philocles on Samos is also attested—and where its decrees were set up.

It assembled on an ad hoc basis.

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Uranium dating indicates that by , massive stones were being transported from a volcanic plug on the opposite side of the island for construction of the tomb. And by , the burial vault had its first internment, the island's chief. Construction of monumental buildings followed over the next several centuries on other islands not in the Saudeleur Dynasty across Oceania. Co-authors include Helen A. Alderson, University of Cambridge, U. Lawrence Edwards, University of Minnesota.

An inactive volcano that hasn't erupted in at least one million years, Pohnpei Island is much larger than its neighboring atolls at square miles square kilometers , making it about the physical size of Columbia, S.

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Now part of the island nation of the Federated States of Micronesia, Pohnpei Island and its nearby atolls have a population of 34, It's just a really big place to put a dead person," McCoy said. It's important to document such things, he said, because this architectural wonder indicates that independently of Egypt, another group of people put effort into building a monument. Unlike Egypt and the Pyramids however, Nan Madol was invented much more recently in the big story of human prehistory, he said. The Romans had come and gone.

The Egyptians had come and gone," he said. There's evidence that you just don't have elsewhere.

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Pohnpei was originally settled in A. According to local oral history, the Saudeleur Dynasty is estimated to have begun its rule around by counting back generations from the modern day. To build the tomb and other structures, naturally formed boulders of basalt, each weighing tons, were somehow transported far from existing quarries on the other side of the island to a lagoon overgrown with mangrove and stretching across acres 83 hectares.

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The basalt blocks formed when hot lava cooled and adopted the shape of long, column-shaped boulders and cobbles. Formed from 1 million to 8 million years ago, they came from a number of possible quarry locations on the island. The city's stone structures were built atop 98 shallow artificial coral reef islets, each one built by the Saudeleur people.

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The structures were constructed about three feet above waterline by laying down framing stones, filling the void between them with crushed coral, then laying up double parallel walls and again filling the gap between with crushed coral. The islets are separated by tidal canals and protected from the ocean by 12 sea walls, making Nan Madol what many consider the Venice of the Pacific.

They were on a little island surrounded by huge amounts of coral reef that grows really quickly in this environment, so they could paddle out at low tide and mine the coral by smashing some off and breaking it up into rubble. The largest and most elaborate architecture in the city is the tomb of the first Saudeleur, measuring feet by feet 80 meters by 60 meters , basically the size of a football field.

It is more than 26 feet 8 meters tall, with exterior walls about six feet to 10 feet 1. A maze of walls and interior walkways, it includes an underground crypt capped with basalt.

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  6. McCoy and his team used portable X-ray fluorescence XRF to geochemically match the columnar-shaped basalt stones to natural sources on the island. The uranium-thorium technique calculates a date based on characteristics of the radioactive isotope thorium and its radioactive parent uranium That enabled them to determine the construction chronology of a tomb that oral histories identify as the resting place of the first chief to rule the entire island. The mobile technology has gotten much more affordable, making this kind of study feasible. Using uranium series dating on coral emerged in the last decade.

    Accuracy—superior to radiocarbon—is plus or minus a few years of when the coral died. A very good radiocarbon date only will get within years.

    So it's a happy coincidence that the evidence at the site came together. McCoy suggests that future research look at finding the cause for this major turning point on Pohnpei, and what sparked this new hierarchy of rule and monumental building in this society.